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in japan!

Posted on 2010.06.11 at 22:24



Posted on 2010.04.21 at 13:19
Current Location: mom's room cause her compy was on haha
Current Mood: tireddefeated~
Current Music: none
I hate knowing that i really need to go to the hospital >_<
i've been bleeding a lot and feeling rather weak~ i keep having horrible dizzy spells @_@; *argh* why can't i go one month without being in the hospital!! *rips out uterus*
why is it that whenever i have the least bit of money in the bank i have to give it all to my broken body!? it's not fair~ when did i become so sick ;__;

in other news my sister's having a baby omg wtf!
her baby shower is this saturday and boy will i be glad when that over i'm already sooo sick of baby stuff and the kid isn't even here yet! lol

about 2 hours from now is a super important work meeting~ i doooon't wanna goooo~! all of the high up in the company are gonna be there and that's never a good sign~ have i ever mentioned that i've been laid off from every job i've ever had? every department i work it goes bust ;o; maybe i'm cursed! i hate my job but i like having a job~ i'd prolly die without my insurance~



nerd alert!

Posted on 2010.01.21 at 19:04
Current Location: wooork
Current Mood: nerdynerdy
Current Music: crappy work radio~
*giggle giggle*
i just got a tour called into me and the couples names are Kellan and Bella XD lol! this amused me much more then it should have! X3

for those of you who aren't twitards like me kellan is the name of the actor who plays emmett in twilight and bella is bella and lolz

team emmett!


It's a lil early to start a countdown but~

Posted on 2010.01.20 at 22:40
Current Location: work~
Current Mood: quixotichere i come!
Current Music: crappy work radio~

137 days til japan!!
*o* ya'll have no idea how much i neeeeeed this XDD
it's just a short visit but i'm sooo excited!!

my joy for the year <3

Posted on 2010.01.18 at 22:33
Current Location: wooooork~
Current Mood: touchedso excited i need a vacation!
Current Music: albertsons commercial on the radio haha
June 7- depart USA *yay*
June 8- arrive in Tokyo (staying in Ikebukuro)
June 9- Disney Sea
June 10- Tokyo (Sunshine City, Shibuya, Harajuku)
June 11- Tokyo (Tanashi, Hanakoganei, Odaiba!!!)
June 12- Tokyo to Kyoto
June 13- Sato (and Monkey Park!!!)
June 14- Kyoto (Gion and Philosopher's Walk)
June 15- Kyoto (or Takarazuka?)
June 16- Osaka (Osaka Volks store, America Town, and Osaka Aquarium)
June 17- depart from Osaka arrive Hong Kong
June 18- Hong Kong Disney!
June 19- back to Vegas *cry*

sick~ ;___;

Posted on 2010.01.15 at 19:47
Current Location: work of course!
Current Mood: soreclamy
Current Music: bad romance! XD it's always on the radio haha
ARGH! i have a cooooold~! DX
i'm hot and cold and keep sweating ;__; but i'm still at work~ haha
my co-workers who were fine before are now sneezing XD hurray i'm contagious!

tonight, after work, so about midnight my papa, sis, bro, and i are all headed out to disneyland for the day XD i'm excited for all the princess and the frog stuff! i'm just bummed that i'm going to be sick for this super short trip~ i'm been drinking tea and eating cough drops like a dinosaur but it's not really helping ;__; i even drank hella ny-quil last night! if you know my in real life you know i haaaate medicine! except for skittles <3

on another note i want him
buy him for meeee~! i'll love you forever AND do this weird stuff XD 1450 really not to bad! i thought he would be over 2g on the second hand market but apparently no one loves him but me <3


Posted on 2010.01.07 at 21:41
Current Location: work
Current Mood: contemplativehow do i make money fast~
Current Music: crappy work radio
;_____; work is soooooooo slow today~!
bored bored booooored!! *dies*

i don't have anything interesting to talk about~ life is boring~ i haven't been up to anything lately..

christmas and new years SUCKED!

my family sucks at presents! except my papa he got me a pretty cute bed for my dolls <3 ...i'm super broke from christmas still ;.; everyone in my family asked for such expensive presents >_

new years mary and i went to my friend mikey's party~ last year mikey's party was super hardcore omega good fun times so i figured it'd be the same this year but nooooooo~! booooring and awkward! lame stuff~

...my new years resolution is to stop being negative, lazy, and poor XD
and move to japan! either by august of this year or june of the next >_<

grr~ blah blah anyway i'm at work right now and there are 5 of us here but it sooo slow our boss is sending some of us home! ;__; everyone got sent home but me! so now it's just me and the boss! awkward! i didn't wanna go home cause i need the money but~ grrr it's okay only 2 more hours...


i'm bored aaaand lonly!

Posted on 2009.11.26 at 21:51
Current Location: wooork
Current Mood: sademo tear
Current Music: bad romance!
its my lunch break and this time is usually spent whining with mary about how life sucks and how we need japan-crap in our lives to keep from dying but mary's out of town! i have noone to talk to! i'm sooo lame! why don't i have any friends!?
*emoly runs into the night*

ohhh noooo~! XDD

Posted on 2009.11.24 at 23:25
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
I just found out LJ works at my wooork~! XDD expect many emo posts in the very near future~!

being 25~

Posted on 2009.09.03 at 01:00
Current Location: hoooome~
Current Mood: frustratedbooo birthday~!
Current Music: birthday song

isn't much different then being 15 XD i got carded for buying glue just now haha

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